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Hypnotherapy simply means therapy carried out using hypnosis. Hypnosis is just the tool that is used to carry out many different kinds of therapy. Hypnosis is simply relaxation, a natural phenomenon – something we do every day. You would probably recognize it as ‘day dreaming’ or being ‘miles away’. A person in hypnosis is aware of everything going on around them and is in complete control at all times.

Suggestion therapy is used for simple habit based problems such as nail biting and hair twiddling. This therapy will also help to boost a persons confidence and self esteem. Sleep problems can be helped also, along with general relaxation. This therapy generally takes one or two sessions maximum. for those who really want to stop smoking, hypnosis is one of the most successful ways of doing it. Rather than relying on willpower alone, the use of post hypnotic suggestions make it even easier to stop smoking this way. Only one session is required.

Analytical therapy is used to treat problems such as phobias, panic/anxiety attacks, stutters and stammers, sexual problems, depression etc. Hypnoanalysis can be summarised briefly as the doctrine of ’cause and effect’ – the symptom must have a cause. Hypnoanalysis relieves the cause and consequently relieves the symptom. There is no need to live with a symptom which you feel is inside yourself but outside your control. This therapy usually takes only 6 – 8 sessions.

Hypnosis for Childbirth. By using self hypnosis to relax, coupled with the use of post hypnotic suggestions and triggers, childbirth can be made a much more pleasant experience. Under hypnosis the brain can produce natures equivalent to morphine, thus putting the mother in control. Courses of three or four sessions should aim to start at about 30 weeks into pregnancy.

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